Top Features of a Modern CMS You Must Notice

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A CMS or content management system is closely linked to a website and a crucial element that helps webmasters to take care of the website content. Since a CMS is very important part of your website, choosing the right kind is very important for every website owner. Without a perfect CMS you cannot imagine having a great quality website with all the modern features. So, how can you actually choose a CMS? What all factors do you need to consider before buying a CMS? Well! Let’s take a look at some of the top features you must look out for in a modern day CMS:

The top 5 must-have features of any modern CMS

Control over the content

Offering complete control over the website content is the basic feature of every CMS, well actually they are made for it. But, how well a particular CMS can play this part is the key to its judge its quality. There are many who do not provide essential tools for all the content manipulations or will complicate the process to such an extent that you simply feel like giving up. So, when we talk about having a control over the website content, you must make sure that the process is user friendly, there is space for quick publishing, URL structure editing, you can have easy access to the html source of the template, and much more.


It is very important for a CMS to be adaptable to any kind of change that comes it way. What if after few years you wish to add some whole new feature to your website or need to change the look and feel of your website? Well! You must consider this before settling down for a solution. A modern CMS should be designed in such a way that it has scope for customization. Components like Plugins, widgets, components, apps, controls etc. is an excellent option to customize your CMS, and you must make sure that your host offers the facility to make the changes accordingly. You must also check that these customization keeps you on the top of the software and allows you to change the features, active some or even deactivate others as desire.

Secure & reliable

Well! There is no denying to the fact that you will never have to compromise with security of your website when it comes to a prefect CMS. There is no use of owning a CMS that cannot assure you on security. Actually, when it comes to open source platforms security problems will be there more often than not. Since open source software allows users to make customization as per their needs, lack of proper quality control can lead to breaches in the system. So, if you are settling for such kind of a platform, then you must order a security audit to make sure there is no flaw in there.

So what is the best solution for you?

Well! Your business needs decides what kind of platform is best for you. The aforementioned features exist in most of the modern CMS but, also need to take into consideration the fact that they also practice what they have been preaching. We hope this article will help you to have a clear idea on how to choose a CMS. Keep checking this space for latest article and posts.

Critical SEO Errors of an E-commerce Website

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Every year, a lot of online ventures are started but most of them end up as a failure. The reason of the failure is that they were not being found by the target audience on the search engines due to the SEO errors they have done. If you have also faced the same error and are disappointed by the way your e-retail shop is performing, then this blog is for you.

So, here we go, knowing the most common errors made by the marketers needed to be corrected while performing SEO for online retail sites.

Product description doesn’t get attention as much as needed

This mistake is generally committed by the e-commerce sites with so many short articles. In hurry for posting as many articles as you can, they end up paying no attention to the product descriptions. The product pages with no product description are not displayed in the search results and fail in the search game.

The product description should not cross the word limit and also pay attention to the word limit of the key words and phrase you use in Meta description, footer, sidebar, navigation, etc and what’s more important is to keep these things in mind while creating such content:

•    The content should be of high quality and should help the customers in deciding what they exactly wanted
•    Say no to plagiarism otherwise get ready to be penalized

Product Descriptions used as given by manufacturers

Plagiarism is not only checked in the site content, but also in the product pages. The description should not be the same as of the product company. The story should be the same, but presented in a different way.
If you are using the same product description provided by the distributor, then the whole SEO process will end up doing nothing. If you are not in a situation to write a separate and unique description for the product pages, then go for NO INDEX Meta tag.

Not giving importance to product reviews

For an online retail site, it is very important to know what others are saying about the brand online. It helps the prospective customers in making a decision whether to buy or not. It has been observed by the e-commerce giants that almost 70 percent of the customers search for reviews before buying anything. If you don’t have a review section, then you are definitely missing a huge chunk of potential customers.

Also, the product reviews rank quickly on the search engines and it can be good as well as bad for the brand’s reputation. And you are getting fresh content for free, isn’t it great from SEO perspective!

Product pages not optimized on search demand basis

Whenever you decide to get the site in the front of customer, the demand of the product matters a lot. Using relevant keywords, you can easily attract the customers looking for that particular product. Say no to promote something that no one is looking for. If you are doing so, then it is a death guarantee for your site.

Here are some points to remember:

•    Always give a model number in the H1 tag and title tag
•    Just like other tags, the image tag is equally important as it tells the search engines what the image is all about
•    Say no to keyword stuffing, it is no more in trend
•    If you are using iframes for displaying the content, then immediately stop doing so.

Inclusion of copied / unoriginal titles

When we talk about the e-retail websites, then plagiarism is a very big issue. The same products are being displayed on so many sites and it becomes very tough to come up with a unique title tag. But it is very important as duplicated title tags can lead to weaken you site by search algorithms.

Same keywords are being used again and again in the articles. Therefore just pay attention on making unique key phrases. Search engines know this and these also look at the later. You can add the words model, brand, item and other in the phrases.

Missing well-structured / ‘to-the-point’ URLs

The structure is important everywhere. When we talk about the URL structure, then being specific is even more important. Always follow the top to bottom rule in case of URL structure. For example if you are writing URL for a gift for men’s then write:


It is explaining each and every step taken before clicking on the produ

The takeaway

The most important element for a website to rank on the top and the SEO to work the best is the usability of the website. No search engine optimization service provider has a magic want that can make you earn millions overnight. When you have made usability of anything you offer to your target audience a priority, half the battle of SEO is won.

Do let us know if you are not able to rectify the errors mentioned above. We at Sites Simply are Search Engine Optimization service providing company with happy clients all over the world.

Start Taking PPC Services for Sales Growth

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PPC is a growing segment of online advertising that helps vendors to advertise their products in a cost effective way. In a pay per click campaign, the advertisers are usually charged when they actually receive a visitor from the ad displayed. PPC is a great way for vendors looking forward to launch their products in the online market without splurging too much. It is a good idea to enjoy great returns on investment.

Why should you use PPC advertising?

There are many benefits of running a PPC campaign and you can find a lot of businesses actually investing on PPC. So why do people invest on PPC? Let’s check out some of benefits of PPC advertising:

•    A PPC campaign can be run 24*7, even when your store is closed. Going for a PPC services is one of the best ways to advertise your product over search engines as you can go live right away as you create your ad.

•    A PPC campaign effectively helps you to track the ROI. You can easily track the number of visitors each campaign brings onto your site and the keep a check on the how much potential traffic & conversions you are getting from an ad. Moreover, you can easily make changes to your campaign and improve it.

•    The best thing in the PPC market is that the advertisers are only charged when their ad is clicked. If you are expert in PPC advertisements creation you can easily launch your own PPC campaign, thus not spending too much, as compared to the traditional methods of advertising. If you are not an expert in PPC creation, you can hire some Pay per click experts for your campaign, which is also way too cost-effective.

•    Advertisers can easily create a PPC campaign as per their budget and decide the amount they can afford to spend on a certain keyword or campaign. You can even create a custom campaign whenever you wish, like on special occasions or events. For example, you can spend more during certain months, or festivals, when you thing a great return can be easily harvested.

•    PPC is cost-efficient and also easy to manage as compared to other modes of advertising where you have to hire a third party to advertise for company. There are many tutorials available online, which can help you to create a PPC campaign and also you can decide how much you wish to spend and where also a range of pay per click services.

•    In PPC, you can also advertise your products strategically so that potential customers can find them. You can easily monitor the results & performance of your campaign on the adwords panel and take necessary steps.

•    Having effective keywords can easily help you enjoy great return on investments. Once you have all the right keywords targeted, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

How to Write and Post the Right Content for Your Audience

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Among all the pillars of an online marketing strategy, content marketing id the most powerful one. The other pillars of online marketing revolve around the content and content marketing. Content, is used correctly, can lead to growing the readership and converting them into potential buyers and lead. What makes the reader stick to the website is relevant and valuable content.

Now comes the biggest question that every content marketer face,

How to know what the audience exactly wants?

The answer is, once you are aware of who the target audience is, then follow the below-mentioned tips to get an idea about what your audience wants to read from your blog or website and how can you provide them value through the right content.

1.    Monitor market trends

The very first step towards making a compelling content strategy is to monitor the market trends in your niche and then start collecting relevant information related to that. After that do a deep research on that information and convert it into a good content to share what is happening in the industry.

2.    Write newsworthy content

Everyone loves reading something new about the business. Therefore, write a content that is news-worthy so that you can earn the credibility and trust of your audience.

3.    Stay tuned with important topics

To provide the relevant content to the audience, keep yourself updated with the latest topics about your niche on the web. The best method to keep you updated is via Google alerts. Set an alert for informing you as soon as a new topic is published on the internet.

4.    Find popular content

Keep an eye on your competitor’s content to know which content is getting more traction. It will help in getting to know what the audience likes these days and how you can use it to drive traffic to your website.


After reading the above mentioned tips, you can easily find out the audience like and searched for on the web. Below mentioned are some of the bonus tips that should be kept in mind while creating content for your website or blog.

•    While writing a content, focus on solving the problems and addressing all the customer queries
•    Always make sure that the headlines are catchy and can be understood by the audience clearly
•    Never write a content in the way you are selling the content, just give them information about the product or services you offer
•    Instead of writing a lengthy content, make it crisp and short. Remember less is always more
•    The readers will get bored if the content is all text. Therefore, add images and infographics in the content

From now on, make sure that the content includes all the above-mentioned points and that’s it. If you want to know more about publishing your content, you can consult our content marketing strategists or contact Sites Simply on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember content is always the king!!!

What is Social PPC and the Common Misconceptions About it?

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Have you ever heard of the term “Social PPC”?

This term might be new to some, but those who are looking forward to revolutionary strategies for online marketing must be aware of what it is.

What exactly it is?

PPC advertisement and marketing is an act of paying to an advertiser to place ads on certain locations. There is no as such fee for placing the ads, but when the user clicks on the ad and gets diverted on a landing page, then the owner of the ad has to pay the advertiser. In the case of social media, social PPC ads are also placed on social channels and when the user clicks on the ad, a certain amount will have to be paid by the advertiser per click.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have PPC platforms. It’s not going to replace Google AdWords, however; it is likely to become an effective source of leads and sales for businesses.

Here are the tips for doing best social media PPC campaigns:

Some common misconceptions about social PPC

Among the online businesses, the process of social PC is becoming very popular and a lot of them are having some misconceptions about it. Here they are:

1.    Starting small is the way to go

Many of the businesses who are new to the social media PPC starts with running one or two campaigns at a time. It’s ok in the case of small businesses but the case is not the same with large businesses. The large businesses should always go for 3 to 5 ad campaigns at the same time. This will help in comparing the overall results and then enhancing the ad campaigns. When there are more than two alternatives, it becomes very easy to compare.

2.    You need to be active on the services you target

In order to be able to use the social media PPC, there is no need to be active on a social network. In order to use social media PC, having an account is just enough. This is because by having an account, you can access all the features of social PPC. However, if you want to enhance the success of your initiative, an active profile will help but it is not necessary.

3.    You MUST be using Facebook Ads

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most famous one. The business using Facebook thinks that they will have to use Facebook ads to maximize the potential of the page as well as the business. It is not true. In order to get the most out of Facebook, social PPC is also very effective.

The Bottom line

On all the social media platforms, you will see PPC, CPC, and CPM nodding options. LinkedIn and Facebook offer Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Mile (CPM), and Twitter lets you pay via Cost per Engagement.

If you’re looking forward for effective PPC management services then feel free to get an expert consultation from Sites Simply.

Best eBay Listing Templates Resources

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If you are an eBay seller, you definitely want to market your products, build your brand, and promote the business to the buyers on eBay. The best way to do so is with an eBay listing template design. Using the templates, the black text seen in the default eBay listing is replaced with the template. It gives a professional touch to the listing and makes you stand unique in the crowd of online marketers on eBay.

The appearance of your eBay store is important. It is an embodiment of your company and represents your quality, attitude, and ethos. An eBay listing template design will help to build your client base, generating more sales, and encouraging repeat custom.

Without using a template, it would be like visiting a brick-and-mortar store where all the products are poorly displayed and mixed up. The customer will judge the company by the appearance of products and services.  Therefore, for making the listing look professional and trustworthy, it is very important to consider a good eBay store template design. Not doing so can end up losing the potential customers.

To help eBay sellers make the right choice, here’s our list of our favorite eBay listing template design providing websites. Enjoy!

1.    Sites Simply (

At Sites Simply, you will find 100 percent custom designed eBay listing templates, which includes item details and features as well. The customer can easily see the feature and details from the listing. It’s worth choosing the template from sites simply.
All the templates are fabulous.

2.    Free eBay Templates (

On the website, there are so many templates available for free and for all the needs. Also, the templates are divided as per the color you need. You can either choose single-colored or a duo-color template.

3.    Free Auction Designs (
This website is a very comprehensive eBay listing template provider. The templates are easily searchable and are categories by the themes like fashion, romantic, holiday, seasons, and products etc.

4.    Use (
It is a very old site that is mainly known as a free image hosting site. But later, it also started offering eBay listing templates. There are so many categories to choose from, like, People, Automobile, Electronics, and other.

5.    Free Boutique Templates (
This website was set up by an auction mom for auction moms. If you deal into selling female-oriented products, then you will find so many categories of templates. All the templates are fantastic.

6.    Isdntek (
On the website, there are so many high-quality listing templates, but here is not search function to make the process easy. The site looks like a vintage record of a bookstore.


eBay listing templates are the best option to brighten the listing and neatly setup the store. With so many options, you can choose the best suitable for you. Check out all these sites , and let us know how you get on.

Are you already using templates?

Let us know where you got them?

The Long awaited feature, Highlights, Finally Launched by Twitter

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What’s inside?
“Highlights” is aimed to deliver the things that fascinated the users by summarizing them via rich push notifications. The new feature also lets the users cut through the easily go through the cluttered timeline in chronological order. The best thing is that only relevant information will be shown to the user that will save the time taken in struggling between the whole timeline to reach the relevant information. 

It looks like the season of adding new features to social media is going on and is catching every social media platform. After the announcement by Facebook for adding a “dislike” button, Twitter, the micro-blogging website announced its brand new feature called “Highlights”. 

It information about the launch was given earlier this year it took a lot of time for it to be getting rolled. With the help “Highlights”, the Twitterati can easily view the summary of the activities on Twitter based upon the preferences to be set by the user himself. 

How to enable Twitter’s new highlight in an android device?

In the month of April 2015, Highlights was launched to be used by English users only. After the latest update, it is now available in more than 35 languages all over the world. The users using this are already notofies for this, but will have to enable it manually. In order to enable this feature,

•    Go to the official app of Twitter installed in the device (if not then download it from the play store)
•    A three dot icon will be placed in the top right corner, bring it up by tapping on it
•    A drop down menu will then be shown. Tap on the option stating “settings”
•    After that tap on the account name
•    Then tap on mobile notifications
•    Scroll down and look for the newly added feature “Highlights”, tap on it
•    Tick the check mark and make the feature active
Congratulations! You have successfully enable Highlights.

The new feature is right now available for the Android users only. Twitter professionals are working on bringing it for other platform users too. 

If you have issue in updating this new feature or any other feature powered by Twitter, then contact the social media experts at Sites Simply. 

To know more about the latest happenings in the social media world, stay connected with our blog.
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